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Frequently Asked Questions

Check with your insurance carrier; there may be language or restrictions in your policy that states the required frequency your Home Watch Company must visit. If you do not do what the policy requires, and there is a claim for damage, it may be denied.

A once per month home checkup is not advised. This gives the seasonal homeowner a false sense of security. If damage does occur, far too much time will pass before it is discovered. We recommend having your Home Watch Company visit at least weekly or tri-weekly (3 times a month).

In the world of Home Watch, we call October “mold month” because it’s a huge time for insurance claims. This is when most seasonal homeowners return to southwest Florida, and in nearly every instance the homeowner had no Home Watch Professional or a bad one.
Two things that can cause extreme damage to your unoccupied Florida home are water damage and mold caused by water or high humidity levels in the air.
Humidity, more than 50% for an extended amount of time, can produce conditions conducive to the growth of mold.
Mold can start to grow within 48-72 hours if the conditions are favorable.
Your A/C unit draws humidity out of your home. It can pull out several gallons a day of moisture in the air which then turns into water. If you’re A/C unit breaks, humidity blooms and mold can set in on your walls within just a few days.
Air conditioners do two things: They cool your home, and they break! It is imperative that you have the AC serviced regularly: bi-annually.

In most cases, the water should be OFF at the water main anytime the home is unoccupied and vulnerable.

Keep plants and tree branches at least a foot away from your home, especially palm trees where palm rats may live.